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Individual/Family Counseling

At Eden Counseling and Consultation, therapy is a collaborative process where you and your therapist form a working relationship that is designed to facilitate change and growth during times of transition, emotional or psychological distress. Following an initial evaluation, which may include psychological testing, an overall plan for treatment will be designed and discussed with you. The length of your treatment will depend on your own personal goals and the types of problems to be addressed.

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are scientific instruments that have been constructed to help us understand more about an individual’s personality, skills, and ways of coping. Qualified examiners at Eden Counseling and Consultation utilize a variety of widely used and researched instruments to identify emotional, behavioral, or developmental disorders such as depression, memory or attention problems, or learning disabilities. A comprehensive and reliable psychological evaluation identifies strengths and weaknesses, learning style, and current levels of intellectual and personality functioning.

DBT Group Therapy

Dialectic Behavior Therapy
DBT is a research-supported treatment for chronic, difficult-to-treat problems including:
• Emotional instability
• Harmful and self-defeating behaviors
• Relationship dysfunction
• Inappropriate and intense anger
• Feelings of emptiness, guilt, and self-blame
• DBT groups offer skills training in managing difficult emotions, improving interpersonal skills, and tolerating distress in a healthy way.

Location: Virginia Beach Office
Cost: Insurance Billing and Sliding Fee Scale
Length: 8-week skills training modules lasting 90 minutes each session
Skills Trainer: Lacy Biddle, MSW

To find out more about joining or referring a client to a DBT group, please call our offices at (757) 466-3336.


Eden Workshops:
Back to the Garden – Marriage Workshop
Structured teaching exercises help couples:
• Improve communication
• Discover how to increase romance in their marriage
• Clearly communicate needs and desires
• Learn to resolve anger in a constructive manner
• Promote understanding, health and growth in their marriage

Coming Soon - Making Peace with Your Present - Women's Conference
In this seminar you’ll learn how to:
• Face life’s demands with energy and wisdom
• Deepen your friendships
• Overcome roadblocks to healing
• Resolve marital conflict
• Raise confident kids
• Nourish yourself

Women today struggle to live with faith and courage as they seek to survive in a world that challenges them physically, mentally, spiritually, and relationally on a daily basis. More than ever, they need to know how to balance their responsibilities and live fully and meaningfully each and every day. In response to this need, Eden Counseling and Consultation has designed a seminar especially for women entitled, “Making Peace With Your Present.” In this seminar, women of all ages and stages of life will learn how to successfully face personal issues and manage their responsibilities and relationships with the resources God has placed in them and around them.

Every woman has a unique set of needs. This conference seeks to help women understand and meet those needs by equipping them with solutions and resources that practically address these many components of a woman’s life. You will hear from professional therapists who have accepted the call to mentor others and are dedicated to helping women develop themselves spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

To schedule a “Back to the Garden” or “Making Peace with Your Past”, contact:
Becky Van Valin, MSW Eden Counseling and Consultation (757) 466-3336

P. (757) 466-3336
F. (757) 455-5750

Virginia Beach/Norfolk
6330 Newtown Rd Suite 300
Norfolk, VA 23502

4401 Portsmouth Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday- Appointment only
Sunday- CLOSED

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Are you struggling with.....Burnout? Compassion Fatigue?
Moral Failure? Loss of Vision? Disappointment? We Can Help.

We Can Help

Eden Counseling and Consultation's Rest and Restoration Program

Our Rest and Restoration Program includes accommodations at a relaxing, private home in beautiful, rural Virginia.

Our Rest and Restoration assessment provides personal, marital, ministry and organizational assessments with a plan for restoration and growth that includes the necessary interventions and support to insure success.

We combine research validated tools and methods from clinical psychology, executive coaching, team building, spiritual assessment, spiritual direction, and ministry assessment and consultation.

The issues involved include burnout, compassion fatigue, moral failure, criminal activity, loss of vision and drive, disappointment, and the perception that God’s will and call for the individual or church exceeds what is currently being accomplished.

The consultation begins with the initial phone or email contact. Sufficient information is acquired to conceptualize the assessment. A 3-day Intensive Assessment/Consultation is scheduled and staffed with the team that is deemed most appropriate for the situation.

We have served individuals, couples, and entire ministry teams and their spouses with Intensive Assessment and Consultation services and follow-up consultation.

The Rest and Restoration assessment is designed to assess what is happening in the leader’s life, develop a plan for restoration and take the first steps down a path of healing and wholeness. The initial assessment/consultation is a 15-hour process conducted in 3 days at our offices in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Rest & Restoration Team:

Paul H. VanValin, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
President, Eden Counseling Ministries
Team Leader, Psychological Assessments, Individual, Marital, & Organizational Assessments, Executive Coaching

Becky S. VanValin, MSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Individual and Marital Assessment & Consultation
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Individual and Marital Assessment & Consultation

Rev. David Martin, MEd
Spiritual and Ministry Assessment & Consultation

Lacy Biddle, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Addiction Specialist
Individual Consultation and Mentor

Sandra Borden, MSW
Licensed Social Worker
Addiction Specialist
Individual Consultation and Mentor

Robert Groves
Pastor, Genesis Church
Individual Consultation and Mentor

Shawn Groves
Individual Consultation and Mentor

Kristine Rand, MSW
Licensed Nutritionist
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Nutrition and Health Consultant

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